What are the Signs of Depression?

Are you depressed? Millions of people are and it has a devastating impact on their lives. While it is true that ample depression treatment austin is available, a person cannot seek help if they do not realize there is a problem. That is why learning the signs of depression is so important.

Most common signs of depression include:

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·    Feelings of sadness or hopelessness. A person who suffers from depression usually feels sad more often than they feel happy. They have a bleak outlook for the future and may not feel like themselves.

·    Suicidal thoughts are another sign of severe depression. Doctors, therapists, friends, and family care and want to listen. Never think that you are alone and seek medical attention if you suffer from suicidal thoughts.

·    Do you no longer go out or enjoy time with friends and loved ones? Do you find yourself sleeping more often than before or not at all? These are additional common signs that you suffer from depression.

·    You think about death or talk about death often. You may consider your death to be soon.

·    Appetite changes often indicate a problem with our health. If you have lost interest in eating and suffer with other depression symptoms, it is time to talk to a doctor to get the best treatment for your needs.

·    Many people suffering from depression also suffer from anxiety. They feel agitated and stressed out more than average.

The above signs of depression are among the most common, but this is not a complete list. If you experience signs above or something just doesn’t feel right in your life, it could be depression. Talk to a doctor because there is help out thereof you only take the time to talk to someone.