Managing Medications

There are a lot of things that you can do to manage your medications.  When we manage our medications, we are ensuring that others are not going to be tampering with what we have, as well as know if something is wrong.  For most pharmacies, using a pharmacy inventory system is a great idea.  However, for the average person, having such a piece of software is too complicated and overkill.  As a result, there are much easier ways to do it.

Medicine journals

pharmacy inventory system

The first thing that you can try is getting a medicine journal.  A medicine journal is a way that you can write down what you take, when you take it and when you will need to reorder your medications.  This journal can be done in several different ways.  We can first just write down information in a notebook.  However, this is old school.  Modern people will use an app or other piece of software.

Set timers

Setting timers, counters and alarms is another good way to keep track of your medications.  When you set a timer, it will help you remember to take your medication.  You will also want to set alarms or notifications in your calendar to tell you when you need to reorder or when you have doctor appointments.

Use a service

There are many medicine packings services out there.  These companies work as your pharmacy and will send you your medications.  Unlike traditional pharmacies these companies will package your medication into individual dose pockets.  These are then marked with the day and time that you are supposed to take it.  So, instead of fumbling with bottles you simple open the pouch and take your pills.

Have an assistant

If you are getting older and forgetful, it might be a good idea to have a family member or a hired nurse come in and assist you with your medications.  This way they can disperse the medications when needed and ensure that you are taking what you need and when.