All You Need To Know About The Painful Aspect Of Tooth Extraction

Pain is the common ground that all of us can relate to – particularly when it comes to dental procedures. Whether it is a complex root canal treatment or a simple tooth extraction, dealing with the gum and teeth can be painful.

The first thing that happens with a tooth extraction lynnwood procedure is the injection of anesthesia. Patients find temporary relief by banking on the numbness that the anesthesia provides.

Here is what to expect regarding the management of pain during and after the tooth extraction.

·    Pain during tooth extraction

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Patients are usually given local anesthesia to numb the tooth extraction site. While the injection takes away sharp painful sensations, pressure and movements get felt. Nevertheless, if the patient experiences any pain during the extraction, the anesthesia dosage gets increased.

·    Pain after tooth extraction

During the tooth extraction, the patient sits with his mouth open for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, the jaw loses a tooth that consequently causes a feeling of tightness in the gums.

Another reason to feel pain can be the occurrence of cry socket. The blood clot at the extracted tooth site does not form, causing loss of blood and consequent gum pain. For this, medicated gel prescribed by the dentist aids in alleviating the gum pain for a while.

For serious discomfort, the dentist can offer prescription pain medications to manage the pain. Tenderness in the gum or trouble opening up the jaws is a common after-dental extraction trait.

Applying ice packs, eating soft foods, rinsing the mouth with saltwater regularly are just a few measures of self-care.

Summing Up

Tooth extractions may not always go the way they are supposed to. A simple extraction can turn into a surgical extraction due to unexpected complications. However, the aspect of pain suppression is always possible with sedation and general anesthesia.

Patients can rest assured of feeling no trickle of pain during the extraction process. But they must exercise adequate caution post-extraction to manage the discomfort well.